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Patrice Murphy

Owner & Trainer

Patrice Murphy, a health enthusiast has always had a passion for fitness. She believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to longevity. As a Biology Pre-Med graduate of North Carolina, A&T State University, she understands the significance of nutrition and training the body inside and out. Her certifications include CrossFit Trainer, Personal Trainer, Boot Camp, Group Fitness Instructor, Pain-Free Performance Specialist, MixxedFit Instructor and a diploma in Sports Nutrition.  


Patrice Murphy has led an impressive career as a CEO and personal trainer in her 8 years working in the Fitness industry. In 2018, she was named “Millennial Making Moves” by Washington DC’s own Radio One for leaving the corporate world and starting her own professional and personal training company, 7PM Fitness. Patrice has also been featured in several well-known publications, including the City of District Heights Mayor’s Office, United Health Care Wellness Division, DC Government Health & Wellness Division, The Uncensored TV Network and a proclamation from the Prince Gerorge's County Council. 


Serving as a personal trainer and online fitness coach at 7PM Fitness, Patrice plays a major role in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals while learning a healthy balance of diet and exercise without having to compromise living life to the fullest. Through her commitment to this role, she has changed the lives of countless people by teaching them key healthy lifestyle skills to sustain long term results. 


Prior to the birth of 7PM Fitness, Patrice worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative where she cultivated profitable relationships with physicians to close the deal using her unprecedented negotiation skills. Within her career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, she worked in several specialties to include Pulmonology, Cardiology and Dermatology from 2007 to 2016. 


Patrice originates from Clinton, MD in Prince George’s County. When she is not working diligently to grow her fitness company she is volunteering in the community or at church. Spending time with her entire family however is her favorite past time. As an Auntie of 6 and parents within 4 miles of her home she never forgets the family mantra “Murphy Pride”. 


Classes & Services

Here at 7PM Fitness, we offer classes and personal training services that focus on strength training, cardio conditioning, and FUN. Regardless of your fitness level, 7PM Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals!

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Mondays at 6pm

Can you catch the beat? No rhythm, No problem! Join Coach Patrice for 45 minutes of straight up cardio and core exercises to the sounds of DJ P Knock on the 1s & 2s. This class will have you wondering if you’re at a party or if you’re working out. All fitness levels are welcomed, I look forward to sweating with you soon.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7pm

Soca bounce is the newest fitness craze cardio session on rebound boots designed to absorb up to 80% of pressure on your joints, hips and knees. Perfect for all fitness levels 



Join us every Saturday for “The Switch”. Every Saturday we are switching it up with a different instructor teaching a different format. From yoga, to dance fitness, to boxing, you name it we have it! Come get a complete fitness and wellness experience. 


Mon & Wed @ 7:30pm

Xtreme Hip Hop Aerobic Step with Shay Renee is a high-intensity, low-impact class designed to provide you with an exhilarating workout while keeping the stress off your joints. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, this class is the perfect way to break a sweat, groove to great music, and have an absolute blast!


Don’t have rhythm? That’s ok! This class promises an unforgettable experience and a contagious sense of fun.


Wednesdays at 6pm

Not Sure which exercises help you achieve lean legs and the perfect booty? No worries, try this awesome Circuit training combining body weight functional movements and strength training  isolating specific muscles, gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings and abs. Designed to burn fat, build muscle, and shape, tighten and tone your legs and glutes. All fitness levels are welcomed.

Select Sundays at 12pm

Come stretch with me! Join me twice a month for active group stretching to open up those tight muscles and increase your range of motion! Stretching is not only good for muscle health and recovery but also for maximizing range of motion and blood flow within our joints to allow better use of our body for everyday living as well as exercising. If you are interested in passive stretching or 1 on 1 stretching please call or text at 202-848-6356. 

Tuesday and Thursday at 5am

High impact total body interval training combining calisthenics, cardio conditioning and strength training. Although format remains the same, workouts constantly vary to challenge and shock the body each session and to avoid muscle memory. Each class is 45 minutes in length, intended to “hit it hard and hit it fast”. Classes are designed to serve men, women and teens.

Thursdays at 7pm

What is MixxedFit? MixxedFit is a people inspired dance fitness program that incorporates explosive movements and body weight toning. Forget about the burpees and push-ups, get ready to move and groove to your favorite jams. From Hip Hop. Pop, Old school even a bit of Go Go, Jayonce is going to put on a show. All fitness levels are welcomed to have a sweaty good time.


Get in shape and achieve your fitness goals with personalized one-on-one or small group training sessions. Our experienced and certified trainer Coach Patrice will create a customized workout plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health, she will provide the guidance, motivation, and support you need to succeed. Start your fitness journey today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by booking a free consultation now. 

Tuesdays at 6pm

"Straight UP Step". This is an advanced step class. You’ll burn calories and shape your body with lots of varied, but never complex, choreography. Straddles and repeaters, V-steps and marches, step touches and knee lifts, turn steps and over the tops — this class features all your step favorites, making it fun with tempo variations and directional changes. If you are looking for a class that can help increase your strength, lose body fat, and gain cardiovascular endurance – come join us! All levels of fitness are welcome. You can do the moves without a Step too. We've got you covered! 

Thursdays at 6pm

Join Coach Shaun for high intensity interval training, HIIT workout. Combining weightlifting and calisthenics for a total body workout. Come out and Sweat with Shaun all fitness levels are welcome.  



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Patrice Murphy

Owner & Trainer

7925 Penn Randall Place

Unit B1

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Tel: 301-437-0453




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